Visionary, Sales & Marketing Executive

Infrastructure and IT

Location I’d work

100% Remote

Level of Position I’d consider

Vice President (including SVP)

Desired Salary


Title's I'd Consider

VP & Sr. Director

Why you should hire me

Katharine is an award-winning, enthusiastic and customer-centric business leader with more than a decade of high-tech industry experience working with some of the biggest brands in the business. She joined Salesforce in late 2019 to grow the strategic partnership with one of the world's most well known brands, The Walt Disney Company. Before Salesforce, she spent the last three years at Microsoft managing strategic enterprise accounts globally, established the local partnership with Tampa Bay Tech and served on its board. The business partnerships she built were featured in The Wallstreet Journal and Forbes. Katharine brings a unique perspective to her customers and team, having worked for Silicon Valley software and hardware start-ups, up-starts and tech giants in Washington D.C., New York City, Canada, and Florida. She specializes in building and coaching high performing teams as well as cultivating strategic partnerships by working with business and technology leaders of global organizations in accelerating their digital transformation journey to drive significant business outcomes that impress customers and empower employees. She graduated from the University of Central Florida, where she founded her own marketing firm while attending classes before joining the technology industry and moving to Washington, D.C. Later, she was promoted by Citrix and moved to New York City, where she spent more than four years moonlighting as the co-organizer and curator of TEDx Gramercy.

3 Notable Accomplishments I am most proud of

Business Partnerships featured in Forbes & Wallstreet Journal

Grew revenue 100% + YoY

Built and lead top performing teams

My must haves

Positive culture, excellent product/solution and outstanding leadership

My nice-to-haves

The right tools, experienced team