Resilient, hard-working, persistent

Sales and Sales Engineering

Location I’d work

100% Remote

Level of Position I’d consider

Manager (including Senior Manager)

Desired Salary

Base - $120K-$150K; OTE - $200K-$250K

Title's I'd Consider

Customer Success, Senior Partner Manager, Senior Sales Director - Partners

Why you should hire me

I have been doing what I do for awhile, so I know what I’m doing, but I’m coachable and humble enough to recognize I can always learn more, do more, and sharpen my skills. I’m also at a stage in my career where I want to feel like I do more than just work for a paycheck.

3 Notable Accomplishments I am most proud of

Getting a degree in History that I never used because I made a conscious decision to go into IT sales, where I have challenged myself for the last 20+ years

Launching the first 2-tier distribution model for a company with very little support, almost non-existent operational infrastructure, and sales resources who were resistant to change

Successfully building channel ecosystems for 6 of the world’s biggest and most widely recognized tech companies

My must haves

Company focused on diversity, inclusion, and retention of diverse candidates Career mobility Mentoring Solid infrastructure or the ability and resources to create one

My nice-to-haves

The best products and services on the market Excellent marketing and demand generation Leadership that cares about its employees Job stability