Strategic Product Leader

Product Management

Location I’d work

Dallas-Fort Worth

Level of Position I’d consider

Director (including Senior Director)

Desired Salary

$150,000-200,000 depending on title/role, bonus and benefits

Title's I'd Consider

Director of Product Management, Product Director, Product Team Leader, Group Manager

Why you should hire me

I am an entrepreneurial product leader who solves customer/market problems while delivering on corporate objectives, timelines and costs. I have built product manager/product owner teams from the ground up and provided ongoing coaching to not only help my team maximize shareholder value but also prepare for future career progression.

3 notable accomplishments

Created Coordinate, a SaaS care manager and patient engagement application which was recognized by care managers as having directly saved patient lives. Built up a product team which delivered 100% year over year product growth. Worked with team to create/implement plan to merge/end of life acquired software products to save $1,000,000 annually.

My must haves

Guidance/direction without micromanagement Reasonable work life balance Sufficient budget to deliver on must have objectives Realistic expectations for software delivery timelines

My nice-to-haves

Ability to work remotely Executive mentorship Equity