Strategic. Innovative. Change Agent.

Marketing and Product Marketing

Location I’d work

100% Remote

Level of Position I’d consider

Manager (including Senior Manager), Director (including Senior Director), Vice President (including SVP)

Desired Salary


Title's I'd Consider

Global Head of Marketing, Communications, Public Relations or Analyst Relations, Director or VP of these same titles

Why you should hire me

If you are an organization looking for a thoughtful, passionate marketer, you should hire me because: 1. I possess real world experience creating positive impact for companies and brands, and leading marketing and communications programs that support a company through its next phase of growth, 2. I am considered a trusted advisor, and possess the maturity and discretion that makes me an asset to a company and executive leadership, 3. I become fully immersed in my role and the industry. I have a unique ability to rapidly work at speed and clearly communicate technology solutions to a wide variety of audiences, 4. I am a savvy, creative and strategic communicator, I know how to shape a story to secure the right kind of media and analyst coverage, build awareness and promote thought leadership 5. Across my career I have led the development of holistic and strategic communications, and have been directly responsible for creating the strategic narrative, devising and driving marketing, PR and communications plans that build the company's profile and brand reputation across multiple audiences, including customers, media and industry influencers, analysts, channel partners and employees, 6. I am a connector! I am passionate about working cross functionally and cross-organizationally and work to build solid partnerships with folks at all levels in an organization, 7. I believe in sharing my knowledge with others and enjoy helping others learn, 8. I am a team player and believe that we are stronger together, 9. I am confident in my abilities while at the same time, aware that I didn't get here on my own. A line of amazing professionals who have become my friends helped me grow into the person I am today, 10. I am a lifelong learner and seek everyday to learn one new thing, 11. I believe in helping others because service is at the heart of everything I do, and serving others is a blessing

3 notable accomplishments

1.Partnering with a privately held Managed File Transfer company under the scrutiny of two active SEC investigations for sales fraud (occurred prior to my arrival)and rebuilding market position, messaging and reputation with the investors, customers, media and analyst community into a respected leader and positioning them for a successful acquisition. (Acquired by HelpSystems), 2.Partnering with a fledgling Business Intelligence provider and rebuilding their market position, messaging, and reputation with the customer, media and analyst community into a respected leader in the industry and positioning them for a successful acquisition. (Acquired by Altair), 3.Partnering with a start up middleware company and building from scratch their market position, messaging, and product line rollout, with the goal of acquisition. (acquired by Roguewave Software)

My must haves

1. Ability to Live and Work in a location of my choosing, 2. Equity position, 3. Full company benefits, 4. Aligned Executive Leadership Team/Board of Directors who value strategic thought and open/honest dialog and collaboration, 5.. Organization with an excellent reputation that is making a contribution to the world with its products or services, and which is positioned to scale, 5. Environment and culture of innovation, with genuine career advancement opportunities and ongoing education opportunities

My nice-to-haves

1. Relocation to the Southwest (San Antonio, Texas area)